Surname-ı Hümayun: Ottoman Empire Chronicles of Fesitivities

8:02 PM
The Surname-ı Hümayun is the first masterwork of the Ottoman surname tradition. Sur (Imperial Celebration) and Surname (Book of Imperial Celebration) are traditions unique to the Ottomans. The first officially recorded imperial celebration is the imperial wedding of the daughter of Sultan Osman I, in 1258. Pictorial depictions in Surnames begin with a particular Sur, namely the circumcision feast of Sultan Murad's son Mehmed. Adorned by th…

When Mucha gives you a box of biscuits

2:03 AM
Mucha was a regular artist for Lefèvre-Utile, the major French biscuit company founded in Nantes in 1846. He designed publicity posters and calendars for them and in 1896 was the first artist to utilise the company’s initials ‘LU’ as a decorative motif with his design for the advertising calendar for 1897. Around 1900 Mucha’s task was expanded to packaging design, which included labels, box tops and the decoration of biscuit tins. For Mucha,…

Bradbury Thompson

2:47 AM
The pictures are from my own collection. They are scans from a book that I bought for the university years ago when I was putting together material for the history of visual communication course. Not exactly legal, I know, but I am very glad I had the foresight to do it anyway, since when I made a search for Brad Thompson's work online just now I was astonished by how slim the pickings were. Definitely one of the greatest graphic designers…

Kittl: A site that lets you create vintage logos and labels

11:09 PM
If you are a graphic designer who is suddenly confronted with having to design a retro logo or a label that asks for a no hold barred approach, needs every pattern, texture, flourish, all the typographic twists and turns and curlicues - and all correctly placed, no less - you may be quite intimidated by the task at hand. I know, I certainly would be. Kittl is a truly astonishing online app that lets you create these complex types of logos. You st…

Paper Dolls and Paper Theaters were favorite toys of the 19th Century

5:52 PM
These are things that I collected over some time. So, unfortunately there is no resource link that goes with this post, except to direct you to pinterest > > > where you will find lots and lots of images which will however mostly link you back to places where they are selling them.

The Big ABC Book, 1820, Netherlands

5:37 PM
Published by Schalekamp, van de Grampel en Bakker, Amsterdam. Found on the Memory here > > >
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