Dioscorides’ De Materia Medica

1:38 AM
De Materia Medica (medical material) was herbarium by the Greek physician Dioscorides.

Japanese Hanging Scroll of Bunbuku-Chagama, early 20th Century

10:00 PM
In legend, Bunbuku chagama is the name of a tea kettle owned by priest Shukaku who turned out to be an ancient raccoon dog or mujina, the supposed kettle still on view at Morin-ji temple which Shukaku served.

Le monde de la mer, Paris,L. Hachette & Cie,1866

1:05 AM
From the Biodiversity Library https://www.flickr.com/photos/biodivlibrary/albums/72157632056573873

Tinga Tinga Paintings from East Africa

7:08 PM

Residence, Beer Garden and Brewery of C.L. Centlivre, Fort Wayne, Indiana1876

10:11 PM
From the David Ramsey Map Collection. See original posting here >>>

Chinese Artist Manual, printed in 1633 is the World’s Oldest Multicolor Book

10:03 PM
This is the oldest multi color book in history. The printed images give the feel of watercolor paintings. https://mymodernmet.com/oldest-book-color/

Swiss Style Master: Armin Hofmann (1920 - 2020)

3:43 PM

Nicolas de Larmessin (1645-1725) Grotesque Costumes

3:28 PM

El Lissitzky: "About Two Squares: A Suprematist Tale of Two Squares in Six Constructions" 1922

7:43 PM
Book with letterpress and offset lithography, in black and red, on cream wove paper, stapled along spine https://www.kodomo.go.jp/gallery/modernism/09_for2/index_e.html

"Thesaurus animalium primus" by Frederik Ruysch, ca. 1710

7:29 PM

Coat of Arms by Albrecht Dürer (1471 - 1528)

7:17 PM

Thistle, boar, and mastiff surrounded by various plants and insects.

7:11 PM
Engraving by D. Loggan, 1663, after W. Hollar. Wellcome Collection https://marinni.livejournal.com/491199.html

Human body with anatomical terms, Persian, 1893

7:00 PM
Human body with anatomical terms. The writing is in a good professional hand. From a Persian manuscript with a seal bearing the words: Murajiah va taftish shud. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Human_body_with_anatomical_terms,_Persian,_1893_Wellcome_L0012605.jpg

Advertisement page from Scientific News, 1888

8:31 PM
Seen here:  http://vintageephemera.blogspot.com/2010/10/advertisement-page-from-scientific-news.html
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