Edward Bawden's Fortnum and Mason Catalog Illustrations

The first Christmas catalogue Edward Bawden (1903 - 1989) created for Fortnum's was in 1955. The 1958 catalogue is an extended pun on the word 'cat', and is full of witty and playful drawings. Cats were a passion of his, as they strut, dance, and grin their way through these remarkable pages.

Part of his enduring appeal is his combination of modernism and tradition. He always believed that a good piece of design was as valuable as a painting (he was endearingly self-effacing and never took anything too seriously), and his work took in everything from iconic London Transport posters in the 30s, to film posters, illustrations for books, as well as book jackets, linocuts, war time watercolours, even wallpaper. He’s one of those artists you will have come across endlessly, without actually knowing it was him.


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