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The history of visual communication website, which I put together more than 5 years ago - and purely for the benefit of my own students - has ended up astonishing me by becoming a very well visited domain. Although I never posted the site anywhere, did not even send out an email to my nearest colleagues about its existence, today this site ranks at the top of the list on a google search in its own field, and is attracting thousands of visitors every month.

So, I want to return some of the generosity that its many readers have shown to me with really nice emails and many many reblogs.

I have a huge folder of bookmarks which I collected during the time that I made the site. And since I love this topic, I have added many more to it since then. I will now attempt to share this accumulated data with everyone by adding posts with links whenever I can make the time.

A thing which a lot of people who wrote to me have complained about is that the website does not allow for comments. Very true - back when I assembled the site I was not yet a blogger and so it never even occurred to me that the site could very easily have been set up as a blog. Hopefully, this one here will make up for that deficiency also.

I should probably clarify that when it comes to visual communication design I am not a purist. In other words, I do not think that the only subject of relevance is typographic work. Thus, I will be putting in a lot of material that I feel relates to visual communication design, be it contemporary game design interfaces, Japanese watercolors, Persian Miniatures or fashion artifacts and diverse objects throughout the ages. For me, all of it cross-pollinates each other. That said, the focus will of course be on the history of graphic design.

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